High School And Community Professionalism

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For my third and final field log, I will document my observations and experiences in Kennett High School on March 23, 2017. My main focus will be on the school and community professional branch of West Chester University’s Conceptual Framework.
My idea of ‘school and community professionalism’ has changed drastically since starting observations at Kennett High School. Initially, my thoughts on professionalism considered one side of the educational equation: teachers. It was my belief that teachers uphold the professional standards of the school; which is partially true. Teachers are responsible for their behavior within the school and must make sure they present themselves are hard working, ethical professionals concerned for the well
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Dr. Mc-J is a teacher who not only expects students to assume these academic standards but makes strides to improve students understanding of them. Today (March 23) students gave presentations. Each group presented a book; the plot, the theme, and who might like this sort of novel. Before students went to present, she briefed them on the expectations (clear speech, eye contact, hit all points of assignment etc.). Then she asked them about volunteering to present (Why should you volunteer to go first?). Volunteering first sets a presentation standard and makes an impression on the instructor. This helps students in an area that is not necessarily academic, but professional. Of course there were other helpful instances, like when one student was not comfortable in front of the class. He seemingly lost his voice. However, Dr. McJ told him to breathe, and take a second. Then she asked him to say at least one thing for his assigned slides. Nothing more, but nothing less. This encouragement helped the student to proceed and it showed the teacher’s belief that all of her students could achieve. Just this little push showed me she does not accept students saying “I can’t” because she believes that they can.
A professional learning community is an environment that focuses on collaboration and results. Students are expected to work together and so are the teachers. The classrooms I have observed are keen to implement collaborative activities. I have not witnessed
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