High School And Middle School

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The junior high school and middle school is basically the same thing. Today we still have junior high schools but the mostly named that way because of the historically context. Looking at my notes taken from this year, middle schools span from 6 th to 8 th grade, the schedule is flexible and block depending on the class. Teachers have interdisciplinary teams and they work together as a grade level instead of working on common classes they teach. Lastly in the middle school, everyone is a team and everyone is working together. I picture it as one team, one heartbeat. Everyone is working together make the school alive figuratively speaking. To make sure middle school are developmentally responsive and socially equitable, The Nation Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform, introduced the award of Schools to Watch. This is award is only for middle schools and in nationally recognized. As of now they are seventeen states, including South Carolina, that are involved with Schools to Watch. According to SCAMLE.org, we have fifteen middle schools who have been received this award and six middle schools are actively involved either being new or re-designated. By meeting the prestigious requirements, these selective schools show advanced academically excellence, high developmental responsiveness, social equity, and organization structures and processes. Teachers have a tough role because most principals and superintendents worry about testing. Yes testing is good but sometimes
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