High School As An Aid

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Learning is not always accomplished in a classroom sometimes as students we must venture out into our communities to fully comprehend the material. Community based learning (CBL) at the College of the Holy Cross, allows for a hands-on learning experience. This semester I will be interning at Burncoat high school as an aid in one of guidance offices, through the MassEdCo program. Through this program, I hope to educate students about the college admissions process, while also learning about the current education system. My reason for choosing Burncoat high school as the site of my CBL stemmed through mostly personal motives. I graduated from Burncoat about two years ago and since of yet to revisit. I refrained from returning in the last two years because I wanted to go back with something to contribute, something to give back. After three semesters at Holy Cross, I now think I have learned enough to contribute something of substance. At the same time, I also want to learn from this experience, though I enjoyed my time at Burncoat I am not naive enough to believe it is a perfect school. Sociology in many ways is a manner through which experiences can be seen and discussed, its a way to pull back layers and see what is really underneath. I want to use what I have learned in Sociology while interning at Burncoat. My senior year at Burncoat I worked in one of the guidance offices as a office aid and witnessed the inner workings of the school. Through that
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