High School At A Private Catholic School

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As Doug and I walked into the room, the old familiar smell of “band” crept around me. A smell best described as a mix of dirty carpet and metal; the majority of my free time in middle/ high school was spent within the realm. Now 18, and out of high school, I set out to help Doug with his band’s halftime show, due to his shortage of staff, a task which seemed very easy at the time. Following the first day, however, I abruptly found out how difficult the task was and the degree of perseverance needed to be a successful tech. Doug is my cousin’s fiance and the band teacher at a private catholic school. Slender in build, polite and talented, we hadn 't spent much time together prior to the upcoming week. But based off of past encounters, I sensed the two of us would easily get along. Before the first day began, Doug had given me a folder containing the show music. The brown cardboard folder, held about twenty pages of show music, with the titles: “Jurassic Park Fantasy”, “Indiana Jones”, and “Stars Wars/E.T”, a playlist meant to honor the famous composer: John Williams. But for the week, Doug noted, we would mainly focus on Jurassic Park. And as I scanned through the pages, it definitely seemed reachable. The rhythms had been simplified to accommodate a high school level and the note ranges also seemed easier. Now sitting in Doug’s office, awaiting the arrival of the children, I asked Doug, “What’s the plan for today? More importantly... when’s lunch?”. With a…
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