High School Athletes And Not College Athletes

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We hear stories about them in the news. We may even see them on TV. They are student-athletes. They live a busy life trying to balance school and athletics. Some say that their academic grades suffer due to their time spent on athletics, this is not true. Participating in sports while pursuing an education can help students promote not only good work ethics but help them achieve academic success. For the sake of this argument, I will focus strictly on high school student athletes and not college student athletes. Television and other mainstream media makes it seem like sports are all that matter in high schools and they have no benefit. We have sports in high school for a number of reasons. Some of the benefits are for the growth of the…show more content…
Ripley says “Here school is about learning, but it’s also about training to compete in games that majority of kids will never get paid to play. It’s about pep rallies, booster clubs, trophy cases and cheerleaders decorating football players’ lockers after they fill them with brownies.” (Ripley). There are benefits for student athletes that a class room could not teach. For example, say an student-athlete was awarded team captain of a basketball team. The captain would gain leadership skills that no textbook, teacher or classroom could teach him. From that experience they are able to take that talent they have learned and apply it to the classroom and their personal studies. The life skills that these student-athletes are learning are irreplaceable. Another thing is that being a student-athlete brings personal responsibility. They know that they need to meet certain academic standards they must meet in order to play in the games and practice. However that reasonability causes them to push themselves and do better than students who do not participate in sports. A study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in August 2007 said that students who were active in sports performed 10 percent better in core subjects (math science, social studies and language arts) than those who were not active in sports. (Chen) This type of academic improvement does not just happen. There are a number of roles that
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