High School Athletes And Sports

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High school athletes who want to get recruited by a college need to get noticed by the right coach. Although in some cities, athletes in Class and football, basketball and baseball may have scouts come to their games, and in metropolitan areas, many sports are frequently covered in widely distributed newspapers or newscasts, every year, thousands of other outstanding athletes are overlooked for one simple reason: the coaches didn’t know they were out there student athlete. Equipment and shoe for athletics can be pretty expensive. It’s sometimes hard to get shoes and the equipment you need to participate in daily practice. The uniforms are usually provided to athletes. Today’s world isn’t very uncommon to see some families struggling with money to pay for equipment and shoe so where are they going to get money to get the stuff they need for sports. Athletics at high school are really all about making the school itself look better by the athletes succeeding. It’s unfair that the students have to buy their own shoe and equipment to play on the school team. There are many reasons why high school athletes should or shouldn’t receive shoe and equipment from the school. The NCAA rule as of now is that high student cannot take money or anything worth money such as shoes equipment. They can obviously receive a uniform but nothing more. Student are given their shoes and equipment, they may not work to the best of their ability because they say they just want the stuff. When a
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