High School Athletes Can Live Their Dream

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High school is all about having good grades and making sure that all the sporting teams make it to state. Highs school sports have been around since the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Since then, students, teachers, and other parts of the community have made sports a priority over academics. Some parents, administrators, and even teachers are wanting to get high school sports taken away. They say it takes up too much time, cost too much money, and too dangerous. Even though these things may be true, there are plenty of alternatives to make sure that high school athletes can live their dream. Sports may take up a lot of time in an athlete life, but their time is being used for something good instead of bad. While being on a…show more content…
Everything in the world cost money, but everyone makes sure that what they enjoy doing gets the most priority of money spent towards it. The average cost of a high school sport per athlete is on average $400 (Granata). This does not include any extra sporting gear for the athlete, hotel money, traveling out of town, or anything else that is not base price. Many parents and other sport spectators use money as a reason that sports should be taken out of high school because they see it as too expensive for just a little bit of fame. There has been a tremendous amount of solutions for funding high school sports. Many coaches around the entire country have come up with ways to start fundraising to make sure that their sport does not get cut because of funding. A wrestling coach started a program where the community could “rent a wrestler” and the wrestling team would get the benefits, and a football coach at Wilsonville came up with a fundraiser “chicken and bean bowl” which would generate $7,000 in donations and raffles (Daschel). There are many coaches that have gone through the extreme to get money for their sport which shows that there are ways to fund any sport. Most sports are very expensive, but it should not mean that a high school student’s dream should be taken away. Sports can be perceived as too dangerous, and that it is taking a
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