High School Athletes Should Consider College Over the NBA Essay

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In the last ten years many young and talented high school basketball players have chosen to enter the NBA draft. These 17 and 18 year olds decide to skip college, and instead they choose to take a big risk and enter the NBA, hoping to become stars and earn millions of dollars. In many cases, these youngsters’ careers are a failure because they don’t turn out as talented as they thought to be. They end up spending only a few seasons in the NBA because they are not good enough to compete at that level. Many of them have to move on to doing other things, such as playing basketball overseas, doing everyday jobs, or going back to college to earn a degree.

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In spite of these players’ efforts, this year was the first time that a player straight out of high school has won the NBA MVP award. Kevin Garnett may have won the MVP award this year, but he has been in the league for nine seasons, which makes him a veteran player. Therefore, instead of spending his first four seasons in the NBA, he could have spent them in college, and then he could have come to the NBA and won the MVP award. By going to college he could have still kept improving as a player, but he could have also gotten the college experience and could have become a more educated person.

Three Reasons to choose College

One of the top reasons that high school players choose to skip college is because they can make a lot of money instead of getting an education in school. High school players need to think about what they could get out of college before making a decision to go to the NBA. For example, Tim Duncan, who has been one of the most dominant players in the NBA in the last five years, went to college for all four years and then went to the NBA. Duncan attended Wake Forest University where he earned a degree in Psychology, and had a successful college basketball career. In the NBA, Duncan has been a two-time MVP, has two NBA championships, and has been named to the first-team all NBA five of the six years he has been in the league (Duncan Player Profile).

Fred Carter of ESPN gives three reasons why high school players should go to college before
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