High School Athletes Should Not Be Mandatory

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In one of the biggest sports organizations in the nation, future professional athletes are required to wait a full year after graduating high school to go pro; meanwhile, athletes from other sports, such as MLB, NHL, Golf, NASCAR, and Soccer, get to take an early advantage of their talents. The NBA, National Basketball Association, imposed the 19-age limit for eligibility to enter the draft to herd the high school players onto the NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association, but for some, college is all risk with relatively little reward. Concerns about young athletes career leads many of us to oppose the age requirement rule. We worry that by having that rule, these organizations will ruin the careers of many athletes before they ever made their first paycheck. Although, coming out of high school, most athletes possess neither the physical gears nor the maturity needed to play at a professional level, they should be able to make their own choices and control their own future. It’s been witnessed that one major injury can prevent a gifted young adult from living their dream and all the hard work will go down the drain. The NCAA asserts that the players will make enough money in the professional leagues; meanwhile, they make millions by hosting these athletes. However, by having these young athletes go to college, they get the opportunity to grow and begin something outside of basketball, in case it doesn 't work out for them. So, should these players be allowed to make
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