High School Athletics Essays

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High School Athletics
David Beach
University of Denver

Abstract This study deals with high school athletics and their long-term effect in the lives of those who participate; it also deals with the positive and negative aspects of athletics during high school, and the treatment of those who participate. This study was conducted with qualitative data obtained from five personal interviews with previous high school athletes. These five people come from a range of places, ages, and experience. Conclusions are that participation in high school athletics is a contributor to a better social life and experience during high school. Good friends and influences are obtained through the pursuit of high school athletics. The long-term effects
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Jordan Larson (1955) speaks of this in his article “Athletics and Good Citizenship”, “I believe that athletics in our high schools, properly handled help to develop good citizenship.” The overall attitude toward high school athletics is extremely positive in these relating articles. Further and more recent research shows that females who participate in high school athletics and more prone to graduate from college (Troutman, Dufur 2007). Troutman and Dufur (2007) conclude that females who engage in interscholastic high school sport have higher odds of completing college than do their counterparts Interestingly though, a source that did agree with the evidence that athletes receive higher GPA’s in school than do non-athletes, went on the explain how athletics were degrading to the academic experience gained during high school. Hauser and Lueptow (1978) go on to explain in their article, “Participation in Athletics and Academic Achievement: A Replication and Extension”, that high school athletes do not gain as much during the high school years as do non-athletes, thus experiencing a relative decline in overall achievement. They seem to think hard work in athletics will cause less retaining of information learned in school in the long run. While Hauser and Lueptow (1978) explained in their article that this claim was backed by research done by others in the past, I was unable

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