High School Career And Dual Enrollment Anatomy

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Throughout my high school career I was in a gifted program and it was helpful to an extent, the only classes I felt truly challenged in were advanced placement English and Dual Enrollment Anatomy. The program was helpful because it helped pay for many college preparation tests, that my parents were unable to afford. However, in Virginia, there are Standards of Learning tests. These tests have caused teachers to teach a different way, they now teach to a test. Because teachers focus more on the students who are falling behind, bright students tend to be left behind and do not reach their full potential. Due to the lack of focus on the brighter students, many bright students fail or even quit school because their needs are not being met by the school system. Bright students are not excelling due to the lack of attention received by teachers, the lack of challenge, and the lack of commerce. Virginia’s teachers are being forced to teach to a test which does not allow the bright students to excel. In contrast, it forces them to be held back to the same level that other children are held at because teachers will not allow other students to advance until every student understands the standards that are set for them. Many students do not feel that the work they are given is challenging and this leads them to get left behind and to not do their work. Bright students should not have to be held at the same level of a student who cannot quite grasp a concept. Yes, the students who do

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