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Throughout my high school career, I’ve endured history class after history class; however, I am no history buff. My niche happens to fall in the STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math. So, my brain prefers to think in terms of numerics--and there I sat--in AP World and US history classes, learning what seemed to me as silly, trivial facts about history, until a particular subject grasped my attention: the evolution of technology and the unfathomable thoughts of inventors. From the cotton gin to the typewriter, the camera to the telephone, the programmable computer to the world wide web, the rage of new inventions always explodes across the globe. And as I always tend to look towards the future, the constant curiosity…show more content…
Beginning as a miniscule stem cell, an eventual organ can save a life. A major goal of mine is to turn what is inevitable into preventable; stem cells have proven to be an option to prevent unnecessary, sorrowful events. A step further, the way to benefit people in rare circumstances is through personalised treatment and care that can only be made possible with 3D printing. Bertalan Meskó describes the miracle that saved Kaiba Gionfriddo from death after being born prematurely...bioprinting happened to be the miracle. After his caretakers bioprinted a device that instantly helped him breathe, Kaiba could be taken off a ventilator and breathe through an entire day (it was abnormal for him to make it an entire day without being unable to breathe.) “This case is considered a prime example of how customized 3D printing is transforming healthcare as we know it,” according to Meskó. Seven years ago, my grandfather passed away from oral cancer. As a ten year old, I didn’t understand what was happening as I stood by the bed of my Pap at the hospice center. Fighting through years of chemotherapy and radiation, trips to Indianapolis for treatment, and living in my house along with my grandmother, my Pap was defeated by cancer on July 24 of 2009. My interest in bioprinting constantly makes me wonder “what if.” The major developments with bioprinting tailored treatments started only recently. Now, I know I cannot change

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