High School Cliques

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Cliques in Schools
High school has always been a tough time for most teenagers. It is a time when classes are harder, schedules are tighter and most students are twice as mean. High school “marks a time of extensive and sometimes rapid growth for adolescents” (Clique Formation). A step up from junior high, “the unfamiliar environment subjects students to vast array of new experiences, problems and decisions” (Clique Formation). Most teenagers experience problems once they hit high school like peer pressure. High school is also a time when most cliques form. Cliques are when “one of two members of the friendship controls the others” (Cliques in Schools). Cliques are reigning over schools in this time today. Cliques are “rampant in schools across the country today” (Cliques in Schools). It has been discussed and argued that cliques can affect the school life of students. However, it is also clear that cliques are also a good thing if there is an attempt to bring everyone together. But because of the formation of cliques, and the actions and attitudes from and towards cliques, cliques have a negative view in schools today.
Often times, cliques are seen as an unhealthy thing. There are so many flaws in the idea of cliques that it has been questioned many times. Since cliques are formed by interests, students would go whom they fit best with and that would divide up the school. Every teenager is familiar with the ‘classic’ cliques and their nicknames, as epitomized in
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