High School Concert Report

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In mid-February I went to talk to the eighth grade band students about continuing their music careers in high school. I talked about the multiple ensembles you can be apart of, this includes jazz band, concert band (the ninth grade band that they will be apart of their first year in high school), marching band, and pep band. The reason I mentioned all the ensembles to them is to hopefully catch their interest in staying in band. Maybe it isn’t being apart of concert band, but playing in jazz band. No matter your level of involvement, being a part of music will enrich your experience in high school. Leaving the middle school may seem like a daunting and possibly even a scary transition, but it doesn’t have to be. Participating in music instantly gives you a group of friends as well as a safe and comforting place to be. Most importantly you grow as a musician. When I was in middle school and all the way up till sophomore year, I was absolutely terrified for people to hear me play. Now as senior I have competed at two solo/ensemble contests (playing solos both years and being in ensembles both years) and I am in jazz band where I have had to play solos before. If I had quit band I never would have gained these experiences. In the moment I was…show more content…
For them it is very tempting to pile on all these new classes and take any AP class that comes their way. In their minds they are not focused on the now, but the long run. Each time the AP question was brought up my response was the same. Yes, feel free to challenge yourself and take difficult classes, but I would highly recommend staying in band. Mainly because it is healthy for your brain and it is a creative subject that makes someone think outside the box, but also because it gives you a mental break. Working hard all the time in class will wear you out. Band is still learning; it just requires a completely different side of your
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