High School Concussions

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As a high school kid, everyone thinks of concussions as a joke, something people say they have anytime they hit their head. They think that concussions are nothing more than a ploy to sit out in practice and they go away before games. They are persuaded, or choose to return to play earlier than they are intended. Due to this, they are at risk for not only a chance to reinjure theirselves, but for harmful long-term effects. Last year my high school went through one of the most traumatizing events the school had ever had, Jacob Vick passed away. Jacob Vick was a football player at my high school who had received a concussion during a game last year. He was advised by the doctor to sit out until the symptoms subsided. Jacob followed the doctor’s orders and sat out, not doing any physical activity. The headaches went away and the doctor cleared Jacob to return to practice, not knowing what was about to occur. When Jacob returned to practice, he began to warm up, when he began to run, he collapsed. A helicopter was sent to retrieve him and take him to the hospital immediately for help. Jacob passed away due to his head injury, one of the most traumatizing events our school had ever gone through. Shortly after, our school demonstrated a tremendous effort in bringing awareness to the severity of concussions and their aftermath. Concussions not only have immediate effects, but long-term effects that you may not be able to recognize. They may cause not only lack of memory, but
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