High School Confidential : Notes On Teen Movies

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While high school in reality is full of surprises and twisty roads, teen television shows and movies are based off a strict set of conventions that allude to other teen films. In David Denby 's "High School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies," he describes the typical movie storyline and characters: the blonde, superficial cheerleaders that make up the popular crowd, along with the buff, handsome jocks versus the social outcasts comprised of geeks and freaks. Denby continues to explain the nature of these two social standings, including how the “cool group” bullies anyone below them. Denby goes on further to discuss how a particular outsider usually becomes the hero or heroine of the story, despite their social discomfort or awkward…show more content…
However, despite following a typical film social stigma, Gossip Girl’s popularity has been off the charts for many reasons, including the fact that it is relatable. Entertainment Weekly awarded the series its highest grade of “A”, while the New York Magazine designated "Greatest Teen Drama of All Time" to Gossip Girl, as well as naming the series as "Best Show Ever" in 2008. In 2009, Rolling Stone named the series as "TV 's Hottest Show.” Gossip Girl had people hooked throughout its six season for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it provided an outlet for entertainment and it satisfied people’s wealthy and superficial fantasies without the guilt. Mary McNamara of the LA Times fell for "the leggy glamour of it, the pretty rich girls at cocktail parties, the rumpled sexiness of those school uniforms, the gothic romance of stone-mansioned New York".
While Gossip Girl portrayed the teenagers with upscale lives in a glamorous fashion, it doesn’t take away from identifying with the teenage struggles and dilemmas one may face. Gossip Girl presents a realistic view of privileged New York City, from the over-controlling mothers to the gay father to the teenagers trying to fight their way through the social hierarchy in and outside their private prep school. The
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