High School Confidential

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High school in real life is full of surprises, but according to David Denby in his article "High School Confidential," High School in the movies is very predictable. The typical Hollywood "High School Scene" opens with the jock and the cheerleader characters. Blonde and buff, the Jock and the Cheerleader are superficial and proud to proclaim it. They are popular and perky, and always too good to be true. The cheerleader is usually the enemy of the hero or heroine. She is generally rich, blonde, and queen bee of the social circle, with no sense of selflessness. The jock is usually the bully, muscular, good looking and not very smart.(Denby 343) In an essence, the male counterpart of the cheerleader. The Jock and the Cheerleader are almost…show more content…
Violet is a pretty, popular, soccer player with an equally popular soccer player boyfriend. However, Violet 's world comes crashing down when the women 's soccer team is cut from her high school due to lack of funds. Violet in turn decided to impersonate her twin brother Sebastian at her rival school so that she can tryout for the male soccer team and show her now ex-boyfriend that girls can play just as well as boys. At her new high school she falls in love with her brother 's roommate. The problem is, he thinks she 's a boy. Violet is not your typical movie heroine, in the beginning of the movie she seemingly has everything a girl could want, however her passion for soccer drives her to step outside the norm and prove herself. Although the main character in this movie contradicts Denby 's view of teen movies, there are many other characters in the movie who fall directly in line with Denby 's theory. For example, Sebastian 's girlfriend Monique is a typical cheerleader type character. She has no regard for anyone 's life but her own. Also, Violet 's divorced parents are completely unaware that their son Sebastian is in London playing with a band, and their daughter Violet is impersonating him in order to play soccer. In retrospect, Denby 's views hold up in analysis. Occasionally there is a movie or a character that steps outside Denby 's stereotype, however most teen movies are similar.
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