High School Dating : A Not So Cinderella Story

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High School Dating: A Not-So-Cinderella Story In today’s high schools, everything seems to revolve around having a boyfriend or girlfriend. Too many are teenagers getting caught up in the drama of the dating world and forgetting to focus on their futures. The distraction of relationship drama causes teenagers to focus less on things like school. This in turn will cause their grades to suffer. Lower grades mean a smaller chance of getting accepted into colleges, or receiving scholarships. Another problem is the emotional impacts of an ugly breakup. Impacts are long lasting at any age, but especially so in high school. This is because students are still developing. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that affected teens…show more content…
4 Anxiety can be harmful at any age, but even more so for teens because their minds are still developing. Relationships are only adding more pressure to the overstressed minds of teens. In addition to adding stress, dating young also has a high possibility of dating abuse. The abuse can be emotional, physical, or both. It often stems from the fact that many teenagers don’t understand the amount of trust and respect a healthy relationship requires. On the emotional side, self-confidence and trust are two of the most damaged things. After being in an abusive relationship, the self-confidence of the victim is severely eroded, causing a struggle with feelings of worthlessness. Such feelings can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that affected teens have a higher risk for eating disorders, drug usage, and suicide. The pain caused by the abuser makes the victim desire an escape. Trust is also damaged, and victims will have a much harder time creating and maintaining relationships with others, in fear that they may be hurt again. It’s often harder to see the effects of emotional abuse, as it doesn’t leave any marks the naked eye can see. On the physical side, there are typically scars or wounds left behind. Dating abuse has become a skyrocketing problem, especially in the United States. One in three high school age girls in the U.S. has purposely been harmed by an intimate
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