High School Dialogue Essays

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High School Dialogue

ME- So much to do so little time. What did he say? What paper? Oh crap I have a doctor’s appointment at 4 o’clock. I forgot to tell coach. I’m in trouble. Did I leave the curling iron on, mom’s gonna kill me. Ohh I forgot to wash the dishes last night. What paper is he talking about? I did my biology, Spanish and that paper for theology. I wonder if I have to work next Friday. Hopefully I get out of the doctors on time, my boss hates it when I’m late but I should be okay I don’t start till 6 o’clock. I hope we don’t get a lot of homework. I really need some sleep 4 hours is just not cutting it. School work, practice, eat, sleep I have no life. I just want to go home.

#1-So what’s going on with your research
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Why do I need to wear a belt? It’s not like you can see it and my pants fit me fine. I just don’t get it. Then they are going to take away our summer option if we don’t tuck in out shirts. First of all they didn’t tuck in their shirts during the winter why do u think they will start now? They are going to do the same thing. What are they going to make us walk around naked? None of these people here make any sense.

#3- So why weren’t you in school yesterday?

ME- First of all that’s my business why do some teachers always have to be up in your conversations asking, why didn’t you come to school? What are you talking about? What did you do last weekend? Who cares it’s really none of their business. Some people need to get a life. Then they try and crack some corny jokes no one even laughs at, people need to stick to teaching.

#4- Sup dogg?

ME- What really gets me mad are those girls who have two different personalities one in school and one out of school. I mean like BE YOURSELF, it’s not that hard. Don’t go acting one way in front of me then when someone else comes along you are a totally different person. And don’t go throwing yourself at every guy you can, just to get attention because your gonna get the wrong kind of attention and you’ll end up getting a bad rep.

#5- So you like Brad Peterson.

ME-Then you have those girls that once they found out who you like they are all over them. Those girls are called bops. I can’t stand

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