High School Differences

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How Differences in Schooling Affect Students The high school education system will be different wherever one lives, but that should not affect how much a student learns. High schools not only need to prepare us for college, but also for work outside of college. This is not the case in many places, however. When taking a look at the American and German high school education systems there are many differences and the outcomes are different because of those differences. The German high school education system is better because of how it is set up and the American high school education system is worse because it is not taken as seriously. In Germany, their education is taken very seriously and is very different from what we know in America. After they graduate from elementary school at age 10, German students have three schools to pick from which is considered their high school. “At that time, they must select from three different secondary school curricula, and their future educational and career decisions are based on that election” (Peak and Matthes 1). The three different schools they have to choose from are Gymnasium (academic high school), Realschule (secondary school), and Hauptschule (intermediate school). In Germany the Gymnasium school is considered to be our high school. “Students attend from ages 10 to 16, and upon graduation, are qualified for a three-year apprenticeship in a skilled labor craft” (Peak and Matthes 2). After they attend one of those
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