High School Dress Codes In High Schools

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The logic and mindset of how the high school was structured were absolutely ridiculous. Basically, like Beacon, my high school was a school for kids with learning disabilities. It was also a K-12 school. However, they defined learning disability as the students being somewhat untrustworthy. When there was a non-academic situation arising, they would only confront the main person causing all of it and not ask witnesses. The majority of my high school teachers were some of the most unpleasant people ever.
For starters, they would overly enforce small rules that weren't necessary. For example, they were a huge pain about the dress code. When I first got there, the dress code was polo shirt only, and guys had to have them tucked in at all times. Even when it was slightly untucked, they would give us a hard time about it. When someone wasn't wearing a polo shirt and was wearing a t-shirt instead, no matter what was on it, they would make them go to the bathroom and turn it inside out. Fortunately, it didn't last too long because during my sophomore year, my best friend managed to rally almost the entire high school (there were only about thirty to forty people) and we broke the entire dress code for an entire week at the end of the year. Since then, they pretty much let us wear whatever we wanted as long as it wasn't too revealing. There was also a point when they were giving out detentions for carrying backpacks from class to class. I even still have the questions they made me
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