High School Drop Outs Essay

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High School Dropouts and the Social Structure

Thesis Statement:

" I believe that dropping out of school is the direct result of strain caused

by the economic/political institutions that are within the social structure".

Introduction: The Social Structure is the housing for the social institutions: Politics, Economics, Mass Media, Groups/Organizations, Family, Education and Religion. What I plan to discuss in this research project is how economic and political institutions contribute to the cause of dropping out of school. What is a Dropout? There are many definitions to the term, however the definition I will use pertains to education. A dropout is an individual who does not complete his or her education by earning a
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It was found that unless a young man find certain things of interest to read that he will be more likely to be playing sports, fishing or something of that nature. The Social structure are the legs on which our society stands on; it houses the institutions that our society is based on. The institutions that it houses include the following: Economic, Political, Family, Mass Media, and Education. What will be discussed here is the effect that the Economic and political institutions have on the urban student attempting to gain an education.
I have found out through research done by authors such as Robert Dentler, and Gary Natrello that it is not a case of race but more so economic status. The place that economic status is set in is the Economic Institution. The strain of the economic institution according to statistic I found in Gary Natrello's book "School dropouts" is the foremost reason for students to drop out of school. Lets begin with the home life commonly experienced by a student that lives in an impoverished environment. Students that live in

homes that have a low economic in most instances have to work (Dentler, Robert 1965). The students who go to school, in the urban settings usually have disadvantages when it comes to resources that they are offered compared to their
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