High School Dropout Definition

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As a highschool dropout, barriers fell across my path to success, but those barriers promoted in me an ability to surmount them. My sophomore year of high school was one of boredom, disinterest, and frustration. Instead of going to class to learn about new subjects, I went to class in order to appease my parents, teachers and peers. I finished the year with abysmal grades due to lack of effort, and never stepped foot in a high school classroom again. I would rather work and earn money than sit in classrooms 6 hours a day learning about things I had no interest in. The next 18 months of my life I continued to work, I enjoyed working with my hands and the satisfaction that came with the pay check every few weeks.
In contrast, a lingering sense of dysphoria trailed along with my temporary satisfaction. I wasn’t naive enough to think I would enjoy menial labor the rest of my life. Without a high school diploma, my future opportunities would be extremely limited. I distinctly remembered statistics such as: a high school dropout makes- on average- 33% less than someone with a high
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My problem was a lack of dedication and commitment. Realizing effort and motivation was imperative for future success, I decided to apply myself. I read the diagnostic from my test in detail on areas that I needed improvement on and got going. I spent the next 6 weeks endlessly going through various educational resources such as Free online textbooks, Khan academy and my dusty textbooks from high school. A strange pattern emerged during my late night study sessions, I would often find myself delving deeper and deeper into a topic than what was required for my test, what was once an annoyance to learn about soon became a profound joy. About 3 month peers were graduating, I took my test again and scored in the 95th percentile on every subject. Finally I felt like I had accomplished something, even something as fundamental as a high school
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