High School Dropout Levels

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better look as to why individuals within these groups commit violent crimes, and how can we prevent and handle this issue. So, where will the research focus be for these states?
It will start by examining the schools within these neighborhoods first, because the education system can give public safety leaders an idea of how this can impact inequality (e.g. high school dropout levels, kids having kids, lack of parental guidance, etc.). Then we need to examine the communities to see what type of living environment is within those communities, like “Broken Windows (theory)”, meaning are there dilapidated homes, or cars heavily in their communities? Are their gang activities in the neighborhood, if so what is the racial makeup of these gangs?
Next the research will also examine how many children are latch key children that are lacking adult supervision, because their neighborhood will be the primary place for juveniles who are left alone to care for themselves to be a target for the gangs, and a breathing ground for criminal behavioral by children who are left unsupervised. This type of data will give us a better perspective of the effect of how young social disorganization and inequality can begin, and have a lasting effect of the youth in these communities. Once we are able to answer these questions with reasonable solutions, then we can reduce the fraying of their social structures and make gradual improvement to their high crime, and violent rates.
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