High School Dropout Rate Is A Real Problem

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Situation of Dropouts The United States has been facing problems for years about high school dropouts. Dropping out high school is a real problem, because, in reality the students who graduate from high school are more successful than students who dropout. According to the authors Jonathan Jacob, Zohreh Eslami, and Lynne Walters, students, there are several factors that provide a framework for understanding why high school students dropouts (1). The general national dropout rate is between 22 to 25 percent, and it has not change much in recent decades (Tyler and Lofstrom. 77). High schools have to put action in order to prevent dropouts. I believe a good solution in order to prevent dropouts, would be putting counseling centers, work studies, day cares and flexible classes in high schools. Although High school dropout rates have been falling in the recent years, the statistics still shows a high amount of high school dropout. According to USnews.com, in 2008 when President Barack Obama first took office, more than one million of students didn’t finish high school. In 2012, just fewer than 750,000 failed to graduate, representing a 27 percent reduction. Statisticsbrain.com mention, that 7.1 was the percentage of 2014 of high school dropouts. In 1970 the percentage was in 14.6, which it has a big difference from 2014. However, I believe that the recent rates are still having a high percentage and the statistics needs to be from 0-1%. According to the
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