High School Dropouts: Finishing School or Not? Essay

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When a person drops out of high school, there are many reasons behind their decision. Whether it is a matter of not having enough money to attend high school, or the person just does not have the desire to attend. Behind all these apprehensions, there are many people suffering since they abandoned high school. In Sanchez’s article, “A High School Dropout’s Midlife Hardships,” he reveals the hardships of a high school dropout. Kenny Buchanan, a 44-year old from Pennsylvania, withdrew from high school when he was 18. At that time, he was only in the ninth grade because he had flunked twice. Kenny had no ambition in attending school anymore. He dropped out and found a full-time job at Burger King. Back then, anyone could get a job and if they…show more content…
Adolescents end up forsaking high school for numerous reasons. In this situation, a number do not have the ambition to stay in school while others just can not afford to pay for it. In a few cases, students drop out because of poor quality teaching (“Dropout Prevention” 1). When kids drop out of high school, an infinite number of problems are presented to the United States society. To illustrate, 75 percent of crimes committed in the United States are enacted by high school dropouts. It costs the public nearly 200 billion dollars each year for these crimes and for welfare benefits (“Dropout Prevention” 1). With the United States already in a recession, this takes a big toll. Even if there was a 1 percent increase in the rate for completion of high school, it would save the United States 1.4 billion dollars a year (“Dropout Prevention” 1). Furthermore, problems like this can be tackled if some initiation is taken. Assuredly, every student has a different reason as to why they dropped out, but thankfully some schools have recognized the problem and found solutions. Although there are various amounts of solutions, a few deal with the actual person. For instance, if the person was more sociable, they would establish a sense of belonging in that school system. Though some students are “outcast” and feel alone when they are in school, becoming more sociable will grant that person the
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