High School Dropouts Essay

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High School Dropouts

Entering high school is the beginning of a whole new learning experience. Transitioning from middle school, high school presents more classes, students, and a bigger campus. It brings new expectations and responsibilities to each of us. High school also offers fresh chances to make new friends, try new sports and activities, and really explore who we are as individuals. The goal is to maintain good grades, score high on the SAT test, and keep a positive attitude so colleges and universities will accept you. Of course it's not as easy at sounds, but it's achievable. It requires a lot of work and dedication to every subject. Some students breeze their way through while others live in misery trying to pass their
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Studies have also found that dropping out is more likely to occur among students from single-parent families and students with an older sibling who has already dropped out than among counterparts without these characteristics. Other aspects of a student's home life such as level of parental involvement and support, parent's educational expectations, parent's attitudes about school, and stability of the family environment can also influence a youth's decision to stay in school. For example, results from the NCES study found that students whose parents were not actively involved in the student's school, whose parents infrequently talked to them about school-related matters, or whose parents held low expectations for their child's future educational achievement were more likely to drop out.
Another reason why a lot of students drop out of school is simply because they don't like it. High school, through its control over many decisions that are made for students, still seems to be restrictive. Many aspects of a student's life are pre-set and cannot be changed by the student to fit his needs. For example, a student's time schedule is set every year. Every student must go the same amount of hours every year. In most cases, school is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day, whether he or she actually needs all the time or not. Students have to spend more time in some filler classes that they think they probably did not need to take but still had
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