High School Dropouts and Crime

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WHAT FACTORS INFLUENCE HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS TO LEAD CRIMINAL LIVES? Michael Webbers 13APRIL2013 Criminology ADJ 107 Spring 2013 Professor George D. McMillan Purpose:It is extremely important to get an education and graduate high school. Without obtaining a high school diploma, a GED or College Degree, an individual will likely experience great difficulties in finding and obtaining a job. As a result of such basic educational requirements enforced by society and more specifically employers...an individual may also have a difficult time functioning and earning a reasonable income.1 Additionally, with no financial resources to support a family, this puts the individual in the bottom 5 to 16 percent of Americans whom we deem to be in…show more content…
Key Questions: What actually defines a high school dropout? What provokes students to drop out of high school? What is the dropout rate of high school students in Virginia? How do high school dropouts affect society? Are high school dropouts more prone to lead criminal lives? How can society go about preventing future dropouts? Introduction:Every year nationwide, thousands of students dropout of high school. Of these students, 54 percent of dropouts ages 16 to 24 were jobless, compared with 32 percent for high school graduates of the same age, and 13 percent for those with a college degree.8 High school dropouts are a very serious topic in modern-day society. With such a debate about taxes and who should be paying for what, it is important to get an education; not only to voice an opinion, but not to be a detriment to the economy as a teen/young adult. High school dropouts hurt the economy, costing the federal government millions of tax payers dollars. Since dropouts are more prone to lead a lifestyle involved with drugs, alcohol, and early pregnancy, it is crucial to identify individuals early in their high school career, and give them the assistance needed to stay in school. By taking action in helping the community decrease the dropout rate and encourage more students to graduate, we can help our
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