High School Education

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Delprøve 1
Opgave A

I hver af nedenstående sætninger er en grammatisk fejl understreget. Ret fejlen, og forklar din rettelse. Brug relevant grammatisk/faglig terminologi. Skriv dit svar på dansk.

Besvarelse 1a:
Normally students look forward to go back to school after the summer holidays.
Students are looking forward

According to Michelle Obama is education important when you want to plan your own career.
Education is – forkert ordstilling

President Obama, which wife has now joined his efforts to improve education, wants the US to have the highest percentage of college graduates by 2020.
Whose wife - forkert bøjning

How much you earn throughout life depends large on your success in
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I have a few questions regarding the information on your website – is the tuition fee paid annually or each month? In case of breaking campus rules, would that lead to an immediate suspension? What is your accommodation policy? In addition, it would be much obliged if you please get back to me as soon as possible. I look forward to receive your response.

Best regards
Andreas Abildgaard

Delprøve 2
Opgave A – Education in America

Write an essay in which you account for some of the challenges in the American education system and discuss the importance of education for students, companies and the US economy.

The requirements for getting a job nowadays is way more demanding, compared to what it used to be like back in the 70’s. Today and in the not to distant future, almost all jobs will require some kind of more extensive education which means “just” a High School education will not suffice. A lot of citizens in the United States do not have the resources to send their children to a decent College, which results in a poorer future for the next generation.
Michelle Obamas’ life is a perfect example of a true fighter. Her father was a pump worker at the City of
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