High School Experience : The Right, Way Of Living

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For the majority of my life, I had lived the way they referred to as “the right” way of living. I did as I was told and dressed how they would have preferred me to. I had also done well in school since the idea of being successful had always been engraved in my head. As a teenager, I never had the opportunity to experience what countless men and women would refer to as “high school experience” since I excessively worried about my grades and any possible way I could improve them. Subsequently, I completely disregarded the thought of gaining experience in which resulted in having no recollection of memories in which I can truly value. Therefore, what exactly have I been doing with my life? Absolutely nothing. I had the same routine for six years; wake up, get dressed, go to school, eat lunch, study for several hours and then go to sleep. I lived a monotonous life in which I felt had no meaning. As a result, of the establishment engraved in my head at such a young age, I had forgotten all it is that life has to offer. That life is limited and how important it is to “live in the moment” which can be demonstrated by the moments I’ve missed, the moments I’ve had, and those I long to experience. It was around middle of my high school year when I first heard the following quote by George Harrison, “It 's being here now that 's important. There 's no past and there 's no future…All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can 't relive it; and we can
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