High School Football Comes With A Risk Essay

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Although sports may help increase levels of fitness and overall health, is it worth it if you end up breaking your bones anyways? Not to mention how some injuries would impact academics. Unless you want to pursue a career in athletics focusing too much on sports would do no benefits. Overall sports seem to have a negative effect on our youth participants. Not many realize how many injuries one can get, or how money wasted on sports impacts other students.

Young children having major physical injuries while participating in sports should be of more concern. In the article High School Football Comes With a Risk, by Jeffrey Perkel it states that, “...boys aged 10 to 14 we’re most likely to end up in the nation’s emergency departments with a traumatic brain injury…,” This shows how adolescents are unnecessarily hurting themselves because of these sports. Expectedly, during the 2005-2006 US high school football season an , estimate of 517, 726 injuries were submitted to the RIO. Even my own personal experiences with sports all ended in tragic faults. Swimming with
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From the article What In The Name Of High School Football, Hank Hill explains how, “our school will shell out $26,000 this winter alone to pay for ice time for hockey teams.” Money that would’ve been spent equally was fed to the sports teams. Lack of funding caused the drama class to work, “without even a decent set of body microphones.” Students who are passionate about the fine arts are left with poor equipment because of the needless importance given to sports. Hill also talks about how students must catch a six am bus which was the, “result of forced homage to sports.” How do you expect teenagers to function on only a few hours of sleep? Without five cups of coffee they wouldn’t be able to keep themselves awake in
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