High School Football in Texas is Out of Control Essay

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Abstract: High school football in the state of Texas has become out of control. The sport is no longer played for the sake of the school but rather has become a Friday night ritual to these small towns in Texas. The players are no longer just high school kids inter acting in school sports but have now become heroes to these small town communities. Communities simply no longer support their local high school team but rally in pride of their hometown rivalry against another team. School administrators and coaches no longer are teachers and mentors for the kids but are the equivalent to what in professional football are team owners and "real coaches". Parents have become agents and sacrifice their jobs and homes so that their child…show more content…
According to many, the game has become out of control in Texas, but continues to draw crowds in by the thousands. For as long as most of us can remember, academics and sports have co-existed in the school system. Sports should support the academic program. It should supplement learning, team playing and enhance life skills. It should be fun, not life-threatening, is should be part of life, not your whole life. In Texas, academics gets swept aside in favor of football, parents quit their jobs and uproot the family in search of better football schools, and students and players alike spend most of their high school years in a football-crazed state of mind.

Over seventy thousand dollars was spent in 1990 for the Permian Panthers travel budget. The business community is one of the main reasons this figure is so high, every year the community fights for who will get certain pages in the Permian program booklets that are sold at each game. The programs generate over fifty thousand dollars and are about thirty to forty pages long. In 1988 the Permian yearbook alone generated over twenty thousand dollars "...virtually every lawyer, doctor, insurance firm, car dealer, restaurant, and oil field supply business in town had taken out an ad." (Bissinger 40) The yearbook ran two hundred and twenty four pages and had over five hundred business ads. Every year that the Panthers would go to state competition every business would completely decorate their

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