High School Freshman Research Paper

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We all regret some of the choices we’ve had in the beginning of our high school journey. Since we can’t go back and change them, we can always give advice to the incoming freshman who may need our advice. Coming from middle school can be a hard transition because there are so many new things to learn. New students will face a new campus, teachers, friends, and overall a new way of life. I believe that freshman students who struggle to adapt into high school can lead to poor grades, peer pressure, and losing focus of long term goals. Here are some suggestions to help incoming freshman have a successful high school experience. Being a freshman can be scary. I remember when I first started high school and I didn’t know where to begin. I had…show more content…
We are used to the friends that we’ve made in elementary and middle school, but finding other friends who want what’s best for the long term might even be better. Some students give into peer pressure to seem cool or to build popularity. Incoming freshman shouldn’t have to worry about what anyone thinks is “cool”. Students need to learn to be their own person and have friends who support their goals. Joining clubs that spark an interest can be a really effective way to meet new people with shared interests. When students join clubs, they make friends who might have the same ideas of what career path they want to take part in. Through high school, I’ve joined groups that have given me a real sense of friendship that is supportive. I know first hand that when you meet other students that share the same interests as you, you connect right away. Joining clubs can provide a sense of independence because students are in charge of what they do and what needs to be done. Going to games, rallies, and dances can bring students together. Students are all aiming towards the same target, to have fun and show spirit for their school. Also, joining a study group or getting a partner for every class can really make school life easier. There can be less pressure to understand a concept fully when students have partners to study
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