High School : Gender And Gender Identity

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High school is a challenging thing to deal with especially if sexuality and gender identity are in the process. Students who are male or female are exploring in a smart and insightful ways. During C.J. Pascoe’s eighteen months of observation in a racially assorted high school, “Dude, You 're a Fag” shows new light on masculinity both as a field of meaning and as a set of social practices. C. J. Pascoe 's unusual approach questions masculinity as not only a gender process but also a sexual one. She proves how the word fag becomes a disciplinary tool for regulating heterosexual and how the word fag is tied to the gender also but as it is to sexuality. Masculinity as a theory, some sociologists and psychologist often viewed the gender differences as vital to personal development of a society. Looking beyond hegemonic masculinity; it is difficult to put it in a category. The focus used on the body in the study “Dude, You’re a Fag” masculinity is embedded in the biology as the study of gender is not reliable. In this case study we are going to be talking about: how was the use of the word Fag a tool in policing masculinity at the high school River High? How was masculinity defined differently for boys who were non-white? Finally, how did administrators at River High both encourage and control normative heterosexuality?
In high school, a lot of students try out different ways to figure out their sexuality. Many students do it in different ways and hope they are not judged for…
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