High School Graduation Speech : Family, And Seven Years Ago

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Home is where your family is, and seven years ago, my “home” became Wilton Baptist Church. I had just turned twelve when my dad became the full-time pastor in Wilton, but I never thought a group of people could make me feel like I have known them forever. The past seven years has felt like a lifetime. While Wilton has an estimated seventy to eighty members, we are considered a “small” church. I realize that being small allows the members to have a stronger bond with one another that allows us to grow stronger together with God and each other as a family. Trust me, we are nowhere near perfect. There are times where we can get on each other’s nerves or have different opinions on certain situations, but families don’t always get along. We are humans that make mistakes, but we forgive and love each other no matter what. Over the past seven years, I realized how important they are to me, especially during the time of my high school graduation. Since being a part of Wilton, I’ve noticed that there’s a difference between being a church “member” and being a part of a church “family.” Church “members” are people who walk in, attend the church service, and walk out without truly knowing anyone there. I came to this conclusion after an experience when my family visited a church, larger than Wilton, this past summer. We had connected with some of our relatives that lived in the Panama City area and attended their church. When we arrived, we found an empty row of seats to sit

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