High School Hockey Research Paper

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Many high school students participate in extracurricular activities like playing sports. Participation in high school sports varies from sport to sport, by state to state, and differs for boys and girls. The location quotient, which is state participants divided by total state enrollment which is then divided by national participants divided by national enrollment, is a tool that can be used to find where the highest concentrations of participation are located.
When looking at the map depicting the spatial distribution of boys high school hockey participation, it can be seen that this sport had the least amount of participation in comparison to the other three sports examined. Most of the participation associated with boys high school hockey is located in Northeastern states aside from California and Colorado. The fact that the most participation is happening in Northeastern states is most likely due to the climate in that area; winters may be longer and colder allowing for people to utilize frozen lakes or ponds to ice skate and play hockey which could popularize the sport for high school boys. Many of the states with high participation for boys high school hockey border Canada which could also be a reason for the high participation due to the popularity of the sport in Canada. Participation for boys high school lacrosse encompasses
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High location quotients associated with participation in girls high school volleyball are not concentrated in just one are like the other sports, but is seen in states like Colorado, New Mexico, New York, and Illinois. Partition for girls high school volleyball may be so high due to the fact that is an indoor sport that can be played year round, and there isn’t expensive equipment that needs to be purchased to play compared to lacrosse, hockey, and golf where a variety of sports equipment is
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