High School Hours

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12 October 2011

High-School Starting Time
Is waking up an hour later really worth it in high school? In the article High-School Starting Time, Jeff Varley, the author is trying to convince his audience of the troubles that high school students are going through by being forced to wake up early every morning for school. Varley wrote this essay his freshman year in college. The writer hopes to convince people that the best choice for high school students is for school to open later. In my opinion, opening school an hour later would not make a difference because students would still be as tired and unfocused. The need for this argument was created because the author was recalling his high school days and how difficult it
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The author also goes ahead and quotes James Maas, a psychologist at Cornell University saying that “people are beginning to realize it doesn’t make sense to pay heavy school taxes when the audience you’re teaching is asleep” (499).
I don’t really like this essay because he fails to mention the bad side of high school students starting school later. A lot of students in high school usually have an after school job. If school were to open later, that means students would get out later, end up going to work late and eventually get home even later. They would not have time to do their homework or study for any upcoming quizzes and tests and therefore, result in falling grades. To make matters worse, the new schedule would be against the students that participate in after school extracurricular activities. In most high schools, practices already currently run until 8 or 9 p.m. with a school day that starts early in the morning. What happens when we follow Varley’s suggestion of starting the day and an hour later? This would be complete chaos. The author suggests having practice early in the morning before classes start. I believe this would be very unfair to the students participating in extracurricular activities. That means that whoever wants to play sports or join any clubs would have to sacrifice even more sleep to be there on time in the morning. He also mentions that after school activities could start later in the evening after students have had a

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