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On Monday, we continue to do the floor stretches which it helps me a lot because I feel that I am stretched well enough to do anything. After the stretches we all went to the side to practice pique turns. I kept spotting the whole time, so I won’t get dizzy when I was turning. We also tried our right and left leaps across the room. Then we tried the open side leap in which I master, but I still have to bring it higher like the rest of my classmates.
On Wednesday, I got to class ten minutes early so I decided to stretch by myself. When Ms. Gee got to class then we started with the actual stretches, but the good thing that my muscles weren’t to tense due to that I had ten minutes stretching. After doing our piques Ms. Gee told us to try our single, double, or triple pirouettes, and I did the singles but at the end I tried the doubles. I got dizzy super-fast for the reason that I forgot to spot as I was doing the pirouettes. After this my classmates and I tried the tilt jumps to the front and then as we turn back we also did the tilt jump. I was waiting for this part of the dance class to arrive
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The first thing we did was the tilt jump to the front and then the tilt jump with our left leg tucked across the floor. For me that was easy since we have been practicing the tilt for almost a week already. After the tilt across the floor Ms. Gee added more steps such as the , retire position , and small altitude jump. The first three times I got confused on the arm placement, but after that I stay for a minute after class and got the order of the steps.
In conclusion, this week was great because we learned more than a pique turn and more jumps. I am looking forward for the rest of the semester so I can become a better dancer. All what I learn this week I continue to practice it at home on the weekend, so that I won’t forget on
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