High School In The Odyssey

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I could compare my schooling experience to the epic, The Odyssey. In Homer's words "they say that [others] devise their misery. But they themselves – in their depravity – design grief greater than the griefs that fate assigns" which represents my preparedness for higher schooling. During middle school I thrived in every course I took, like a successful Greek champion. When I reached high school, my expectations for every class were something of ease. Sadly I was not prepared for what was to come. Procrastination and cockiness led to my utter downfall in high school. Similarly, Odysseus's journey to his homeland began with him facing unbelievable odds with little to no preparation for what would come. Although fighting a cyclops and surviving…show more content…
For instance, when I was enrolled in Spanish one and two my grades utterly slipped beneath me. This caused my GPA to flounder like the men on board Odysseus’s ship when facing the sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis. This lasted for two years until junior year, where I began to shutter at the idea of college acceptances. Not only were my grades inconsistent, but I became behind in most of my classes. This part of my life can be compared to when Odysseus washes upon the shore of Ogygia, home to Calypso. He is charmed by the woman and begins to suspect he will never leave the island. Personally, I felt this when entering my senior year of high school knowing that I would be ending up at a community college. I finished senior year rather better than I expected, which actually gave me some insight. During the summer going into my freshman year at Moorpark, I began to read up on most of the subjects I struggled with at my high school and started to really enjoy learning about new interesting things. This part of my journey of schooling can be attributed to when Odysseus sails off Ogygia towards his home with the burning intent to see his wife
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