Essay on High School Internships

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High School Internships
When thinking about graduating high school and going into college, do you ever think that you will get a job right when you graduate? Yes that may be the case for some individuals but for the more technical jobs and the ones that require more schooling for, look for student who have experience with their major. It is important to know the different internships that are offered throughout high school and college.
Browsing through the Missoula hospitals web pages I found information regarding the different types of job shadowing and volunteer work that they provide. Starting with St. Patrick Hospital web page I found a link leading to the different volunteer work that they have to offer. St. Patrick Hospital’s
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Participants must be at least 16 years of age and enrolled in related high school or college courses or is an adult who has expressed great interest in a health care career (Shadowing Program Policy” 2). It’s great knowing that Missoula has these wonderful connections with the hospitals. I guess my real question is that why don’t they offer any internships through the school year and only during the summer?
I want to know why the only common internships for the medical field are offered during summer hours and not during the school year. Frenchtown High School 2013-2014 Registration Course Selection Guide stated that “Frenchtown requires student to have 24 credits to graduate. As you get older you are offered more elective classes to take. You have eight classes per semester attending four each day” (6). Most students toward the end of their senior year already have 20-22 credits, meaning you only need two more credits to be eligible to graduate. These seniors have so much time on their hands, and they end up taking work releases or classes they don’t enjoy doing. As a senior myself I find myself taking classes that I don’t need, but take just to fill in a class period. Having this said, there is so much time on their hands to be able to do an internship during the school year, and not just in the summer. As I interviewed both our High School Principal Jake
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