High School Is Always A Mixed Bag, And For Me

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High school is always a mixed bag, and for me, it was a mixed bag I wanted nothing to do with. We had moved from my childhood home when I was eleven. My hometown was the epitome of a Midwestern blue color city. Everyone on our street knew everyone and there was an amazing sense of security. When I was eleven we moved deep into the furthest outskirts of the metropolitan area that surrounded Detroit. I found myself transported to an affluent city, where instead of playing hopscotch the kids, were immersed in equestrian pursuits while parents endlessly traveled and golfed. It was a rough transition, and I never really warmed up to the town or the people. So the years passed, and I would occasionally spend weekends with my childhood friends.…show more content…
Upon hearing he would be sharing a table with me, Doug stood up, picked up his chair and threw it against the wall. I won 't sit next to HER, Doug protested. Mrs. Kuiper was panicked and I think a little afraid of Doug, but what she did next was nothing I expected. She pulled a little desk from the back of the room sat it next to her desk, facing the class. I think the only thing redder than my hair was my face and my sense of humiliation. “This is where you will sit then.” I sat down, opened my textbook and stared, not actually reading but fighting the tears pooling in my eyes. And then I heard it, I hadn 't caught what she had said at first but it was a girl’s voice filled with indignation. “What you just did was wrong!” she repeated. I looked up and saw a very tall girl with long brown hair and the biggest, bluest eyes I had ever seen, it was Terri. “That can’t stand Mrs. Kuiper,” she continued, “Doug should have to sit in front of the class!” I was shocked! Nobody had ever come to my defense like that. Most of the time people are happy to steer clear of bullies and the people they bully, both. Terri went to the back grabbed a chair and set it down with a clatter next to me. “If she has to be up here, I 'm gonna sit here too.” Terri looked over at me and gave me a huge smile and I smiled right back. After class that day we made

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