High School Is An Exciting Time

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For many middle school students across the nation the transition from middle school to high school is an exciting time. It is the beginning of the end, their last hurrah before they go off on their own as college students. While students may be ecstatic to experience all that high school has to offer, some parents are apprehensive. They know the next four years will play a vital role in their child’s future. Parents wonder whether their local high school will prepare their child for the difficult transition from high school to college. This type of thinking may lead parents to seek out other academic options for their children. Marian High School, a private school located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, draws in approximately 120 incoming freshman every year; they attain this number through the use of powerful rhetorical appeals on their website. Marian entices parents looking for an alternative to their local high school by tugging on emotions that are entangled with religion, using convincing numerical statistics and by exhibiting the accomplishments of their graduates. As a result of the US Constitution’s ambiguity, national laws are perplexing when it comes to religion in a public high school. In terms of speaking on religion teachers are frequently walking a fine line between legality and illegality, and for this reason public schools tend to abstain from any religions conversation. For most, religion is a profoundly personal and consequently emotional topic. Some…
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