High School Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

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People say that high school is the best four years of your life; but for me high school was the most four depressing years of my life. All thanks to my middle school best friend named Tre. I never expected that I would date my best friend or even fall in love with him, and most of all get my heartbroken in the process.
We were just two best friends who hung out together, but once we got into high school I then realized he had a lot of characteristics that I looked for in a boyfriend. He was tall, cute, light skin, athletic, super smart and nice. Plus he was hilarious and I 'm a sucker for a funny guy. I didn 't mind us just being friends, I valued our friendship more. Until one day, he randomly asked me to be his girlfriend. I had no idea that he felt the same way that I did, so of course I said yes with no hesitation. Months went by and we fell in love with each other. I had dated other guys before but he gave me a feeling that I never felt before. I had never felt better and I knew I didn 't want to be with anyone else, even though we were young. It wasn 't just puppy love, once you find the right one you just know. The love was real and I knew I didn 't want to be without it. I wanted his love forever and ever, but my forever came to an end at the end of 9th grade; it was the beginning of my depression. Our relationship ended just like my happiness. I completely shut down. I spent that whole summer crying and depressed. I had never been so sad in my entire life. I went
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