High School Is The Best Time Of Your Life

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I will never understand when someone says they miss high school, or when adults tell you that high school is the best time of your life. My five years in high school were the worst years of my life. The only good thing I can remember about high school is meeting my best friend. However, that only happened in my fourth year, so I was basically a loner for more than half of high school. Fun. Let’s rewind through time to when I was a 12-year-old girl starting high school. Not the worst year, surprisingly, because I became friends with a few girls pretty fast. I was happy I was finally out of primary school; I felt more mature and like I had so much liberty. The first year was a pretty dull year, so we can fast-forward to my second year, when I realized high school was a pre-taste of what Hell was like. Drama happened to my friends and I. I do not remember what exactly happened, but it was probably something stupid like a girl hugged someone else’s crush, or two friends organized something without letting the others know. But, those things are a big deal for 13-year-old girls, so I decided to distance myself from them and all the drama. Only I did not think the plan through, and I did not have anyone else to go to. Since I was dreading the idea of having no friends, I decided to invite myself in this other group of girls. However, this is not how high school friendships work; think of the establishment as a forest that is made up of many species. Some species include the

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