High School Jobs Research Paper

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Position Paper What is your stance on college participation from high school graduates? Do you feel that enrollment in college is necessary for a successful life? In the grand scheme of things, college is not essential towards creating a life of success and prosperity. Beyond college is a world full of alternative choices and options that are often overlooked. All jobs are important and necessary to the overall function of our society. If everyone sought after a college degree, who would be left to do the common jobs? We need to have construction workers, walmart employees, fast food employees, gas station workers, and so on. These jobs play a significant role in everything we do. For example, the roads we drive on didn’t just magically appear. Nor did the groceries we buy or the clothes we wear. All of these items came from people working in those “lesser” jobs that we overlook everyday. Nearly 64 percent of jobs don’t require a college education, yet we look down on those who fill these jobs. Just because someone partakes in a “minimum” job does not mean they have “minimum” skills.…show more content…
Every year over 1.2 million students will choose to drop out of high school in the United States alone and about 25% of all high school freshmen will not graduate in time. For these students, college is a waste of money and time. With so many other jobs available everyone should be able to have a choice after high school. Although this route may cause more work and hardship in the long run, students can still live a successful life on this path. The highest paying jobs that do not require a degree pay anywhere from $51,000 all the way to almost $80,000 per year. When we compare this to the lowest starting salary out of college, which was found to be only $35,700, it is easy to see that either path can be promising. However, even these are not the only two choices
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