High School Lunches Essay

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As I look around the cafeteria the happy students of cherokee peacefully enjoy their only true break they have from the various stresses of school in their day. Suddenly the 5 minute bell runs through the halls at 10:56 completely and utterly shattering the false illusion of happiness that lunch has created. A intense panic erupts, countless students simultaneously start shoving the large remainder of their lunch down their throats. Smiles turn into tears as students who lab day it is must leave their friends, their food, and their time for only relaxation in between the times of 7.35 to 2:26. At the same a whole separate panic occurs. Students who have lab first half of lunch face the problem of trying to find their friends eat their lunch and somehow make it to their next class all within…show more content…
The whole system of lab that is currently put in place of taking up the student body and teachers precious lunch for an extended lab period is completely absurd and needs to be corrected.
For a multitude of my friends and me included, we are all juggling many AP and honors classes. We all use lunch and learn for the reason it was created. Which is to either get a jump start on the endless hours homework and studying that awaits us when we get home. While asking cherokee students their opinions of lunch and learn one of my friend stated “ I love that I can I look over notes or finish some homework durning but when I have lab there typically isn't enough time to be able to do anything”. Since the cherokee the school board gave us lunch and learn but then takes it away with the system of extended lab periods is inefficient and contradiction within itself. For students that participate in clubs many don't get a lunch at all with the current system of lab during lunch and learn. If one has a club first half and
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