High School Marine Corps Jrotc Program

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In my four years I have accomplish many things being in Horn Lake High School Marine Corps JROTC program. They have showed and taught me things that I can take further on in life with the camps and the leadership. I have seen first had on what it’s like to be a United States Marine in boot camp. I’ve also meet the CEO/founder of FedEx. JROTC has open me up to amazing opportunities that probably would have never happen if I wasn’t in the program. With the two most amazing motivated instructors Chief Warrant Officer Tyrone Hall and Master Sargent Hicks and the cadets of course. We have raised money fund raised to go a week trips to Hawaii, New York, Orlando Florida and many more with the cost of nothing over $400. Out of all the trips they…show more content…
One day in class they was looking for a cadet that was interested in being the captain of unarmed exhibition. I was a little scared because I would have control of a team and people that is in a higher grade than me. I didn’t let that stop me I went and told them that a freshman want to be you captain and that freshman was me. They had a meeting and talked about it to see if it was a good idea or at least a try and guess what I go the position. We went to our first completion and we were all nervous. After I reported in to the man we stated our routine with this being our first I didn’t expect perfect but I wanted to at least have a good score. Let’s just say we didn’t do so well. Every year they have an awards banquet at the end of the school year to award the new staff, special positon, and awards. My 9th-11th grade year I have been awarded color guard captain, Alpha platoon sergeant, Alpha platoon commander, unarmed exhibition captain. I enjoyed my positions and jobs. My senior year had to be the best though I got supply officer and officer of the year award. I took my job very serious and everything that came with it yes I was a lot of work but you have to work at something you really wanted. Every year High schools all across the nation with a JROTC program or a Physical Fitness Team have to submit score to region/national Physical competitions in San Diego
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