High School Math Class At The Center Of New York City Echo

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A high school math class in the center of New York City echo’s the sounds of excitement and chatter as the news broke that the final class was cancelled. At the center of the room a huddle of teenagers show off their latest pair of joggers they picked up at Pac sun while another group admires the quality of a classmate’s J Crew shirt. Unexpectedly, their invested conversation about apparel becomes halted when a student walks by in a pair of cargo shorts. The group murmurs and, in moments, erupt with laughter at the thought of someone still owning cargo shorts. Something so ludicrous and insignificant is so often the center of judgement in schools across the nation. The clothing that someone wears in general can become a permanent judgement which defines them as people. Conforming to the latest trends has become a signal of class which places relevance on an individual`s ‘social status’ in society. This judgement on others based on superficial qualities resonates in numerous ways in today`s society. The importance of class in America has increased throughout time. In fact, most of mankind views others based on the first glimpse. Although the trends have change, class has continuously been about the perception of others. Whether it be a clothing line of Polo worn by a student or a position in a job, the placement of labels on individuals in society happens instinctively. Without thought, a persona is given to those who work a life seen as less desirable, and a common
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