High School / Middle School Science Teacher

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I want to be a high school/middle school science teacher. I want to teach kids, to show them that the world is their playground. That they can do anything and everything they put their little, bright, energetic minds too. Education is the world I’m putting myself into. I’ve known since I was four that wanted to work with kids, so teaching was the. I get to show them a whole new world full of advantage, and excitement. I get to see them make connections, to make that jump from the norm, inside the confined box, outside into the real world. To allow them to turn their simple generic ideas, into something special and original that they can follow through with and turn into something magical. My goal is to touch the lives of children and young adults and show them that school can be fun. That learning can be fun, and that there are lessons out there that aren’t boring. They can be exciting, like bending glass, making s’mores and blowing homemade bubbles. I want kids to have gone through my class and years down the road come across something, and the answer is something I taught them. I want them to look back and remember the good times, the funny things, but most importantly the answer. I want them to learn something. I want them to wake up and not dread coming to school, not dread coming to my class. I want them excited to come to class. I want them to talk about the crazy and fun things we do, in the hallway to their friends. How we set stuff on fire, made ice cream,

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