High School Motivation : My Observation Of A Community

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I chose a local diner in Mukwonago on a Saturday morning to pursue my observations. Upon walking in, there was a group of five boys in front of me being seated. I sat down at a table near their booth, where I instantly heard one of the boys demanding a seat on the outside of the booth. The other boys complied with his request and ironically enough this boy turned out to be the leader of the group. Of these five boys, four of them were wearing Lacrosse attire so, I assumed they were all a part of the Lacrosse team for the high school. The boys talked about their game for that day, but what seemed to be more important was what they were going to do after the game that night. Furthermore, boy 1(leader) was the one who took charge of this conversation and started to throw out multiple ideas such as going to the movies, going to get dinner, or playing video games at his house. Boys 4 and 5 (followers) agreed with and liked all suggestions made by boy 1. Boy 2 suggested going to a haunted house. In response, boy 1 blew it off and did not like the idea. After boy 1 said this, boys 4 and 5 also said, they did not want to go to the haunted house either. From this information I realized boys 4 and 5 were followers for this group because they did not suggest any ideas and tended to side with boy 1. Boy 2 was trying to convince the group how much fun the haunted house would be and which one they could go to that night. Still boy 1 said no and did not like the idea to much. I could
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